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Together, we won paid sick time in St. Paul

Driven by the leadership of workers and their families, we were part of an incredible coalition that won paid sick time for more than 72,000 workers in Saint Paul! Now, all workers will be able…

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Philando Castile

This is a statement we’ve put together as the TakeAction staff.  This week, this month, and this year have been incredibly painful and challenging for our country. All of us here at TakeAction are grieving…

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Corporate advisors on the Trans Pacific Partnership


of corporations that pay $0 in state corporate income tax


the hourly minimum wage today if it were tied to productivity since 1968


Single mom march

No Minnesotan should ever have to choose between earning a paycheck and caring for a loved one.

But more than one million working Minnesotans do not earn paid time off to care for themselves or their family when they’re sick or threatened by domestic violence.

We’re fighting to change that. Will you join us? Get in touch today. 


Building a People's Economy

Our economy works when it serves the needs of people. Unfortunately, it has served us less and less well over the past few decades. The basic promise that working 40 hours per week would at least provide the basic necessities for your family—safe housing, enough food on the table, clothes for your kids with a little left over to save for college—has been steadily and repeatedly broken.

We’ve shifted from a ‘Henry Ford’ economy where families were paid enough to afford the products they made to a ‘Sam Walton’ economy where families are paid so little they can barely afford the cheapest goods made overseas.  Minnesotans need a new, more equitable economy if we hope to make our future fulfill the promises of our past.

Our Work: The richest companies in the world now pay their workers the lowest wages while taking in massive public subsidies and avoiding paying taxes. That’s why TakeAction Minnesota is working to:

  1. Create Jobs: We need to invest in creating good-paying jobs that provide security and dignity for workers.
  2. Improve the Quality of Jobs: We must act together to raise standards, promote opportunity, and sustain democracy in the workplace.
  3. Ensure Access to Jobs: We must ensure equitable access to jobs and career opportunities for everyone.

Our Wealth: To make sure we rebuild wealth in our communities that is shared fairly, we must:

  1. Reform Financial Institutions: We need to ensure that financial institutions are acting in the public interest, managing risk for families, and re-investing in communities and small businesses.
  2. Build Family Wealth: We need to make sure Minnesotans can obtain loans at fair rates, save for their future and start small businesses.
  3. Build Community Wealth: We need to invest in good schools, effective transportation systems, vibrant local businesses, and other things in our communities that make local economies strong.

Our Common Good: To take on the challenges of their day, the generations before us invested in public schools, Social Security, and roads. We should take on today’s challenges, like racial inequities, the senior boom, the cost of higher education, and climate instability, by:

  1. Raising Fair & Adequate Revenue: Our investments should be financed by an adequate and fair tax system that asks corporations and the wealthy to pay their share.
  2. Increasing Participation: We need to make sure new and existing public infrastructure is thoroughly democratic: owned, managed, and controlled by the people it’s meant to serve.

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Cacje Henderson

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