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April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month, according to President Trump…

How are you doing on a physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level? As TakeAction Minnesota’s Women of Color Organizer, asking this question to leaders at the end of our meetings has become a ritual. Does…

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The Women of Color Table: Setting New Ground in Elections Work

The Women of Color Table is knocking doors in the Burnsville Area to accomplish three things simultaneously: (1) get endorsed candidate Lindsey Port running in District 56B (2) with support from local people of color…

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the percent increase in women incarcerated between 2000 and 2009


of workers in St. Louis County don’t have access to Earned Sick & Safe Time.


of Latina women can’t access Earned Sick & Safe Time


Minnesota women of color, indigenous women, and white women are too often forced into an impossible balancing act. Take care of the kids. Succeed at work. Overcome structurally racist barriers. Lead in our communities. For so many of us, we keep doing it all while sick because hundreds of thousands of Minnesota women don’t have earned sick & safe time. The stats are bad for all of us and get worse when you break it down based on race and class. Celebrating Grandparents Day

Right now, more than one million working Minnesotans are forced to make difficult choices every day between caring for themselves or a loved one, and earning a paycheck. The majority of these workers are women. That’s why we’re fighting to pass legislation that would ensure that all employees could earn sick and safe time.

But we need your help. In Duluth and want to get involved? Contact Shawnu. In the metro area and want to be part of building a team of women of color to fight back? Email Elizabeth

Making Minnesota Work for Women & Families

“There is no such thing as a single issue struggle because we do not live single issue lives”- Audre Lorde

In every measure of our economy women continue to fall behind. We live in a society where women are paid less than men for equal work, where workers are being fired for being pregnant, where women disproportionately occupy low wage and vulnerable jobs. We still live in a country where LBGTQ families still have few legal protections in the workplace. Families have changed, but the world around them have not.

But it goes further than that. The intersections of gender and race impact our work around multiple issue areas. Structural sexism is a barrier that holds us back from seeing any number of changes in our world, from a better economy to a stronger democracy. That’s why our work around women’s economic justice is about organizing around our whole identities and naming the ways gender and race continue to marginalize women throughout our state.

As important as issue wins on women’s economic justice are for our work at TakeAction Minnesota, we have an equally important task of naming the way gender oppression cuts across issue areas. And this happens when we organize around what it means to be a women in Minnesota. In Duluth and Minneapolis we are creating space for women to be at the center of the work. To lead in a way that is authentic to their experiences as whole people. As a movement we are only as strong as the most marginalized. Through our work around women’s economic justice we have the opportunity change the face of who leads and make more possible.

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Arique Aguilar

Arique Aguilar

Women of Color Table Organizer

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Shawnu Ksicinski

Shawnu Ksicinski

Duluth Program Manager

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