TakeAction Minnesota 2017 Municipal Elections Endorsements

The goal of TakeAction Minnesota’s political program is to build the political power required to advance a bold agenda shared by our individual and organizational members and grounded in our progressive vision for Minnesota.

We see issues, elections, and community organizing as three legs of the same stool. We recognize we are most powerful when we work in coalition with others. We reject the false choice between winning elections or standing up for what we believe. We can and do pursue both of these objectives simultaneously. For us, political power is not a separate silo, but rather an integrated part of all of our work.

TakeAction Minnesota candidate endorsement criteria:

✓  Will this candidate be a bold leader on our progressive vision for Minnesota? Does their life experience illustrate bold leadership on our vision?
✓  Does this candidate have a plan to build power by organizing people and organizing money?
✓  Is this candidate willing to co-govern with the progressive movement to implement our 
shared vision?
✓  Would you (a TakeAction Minnesota leader) be excited about supporting this candidate with your time and money?

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