2017 Elections

TakeAction Minnesota Endorsements

TakeAction Minnesota is excited to announce its first endorsements for the 2017 municipal elections. We endorsed 5 candidates running for Minneapolis City Council. Two of them are first time candidates that we are excited to watch grow their impressive leadership and continue to build a connected community. Three are champions at City Hall that we are happy to continue to move progressive legislation with and whose bold leadership we will continue to count on in.


Candidate Forums

Thursday, April 27th–City Council Candidate Forum in Minneapolis Wards 6, 7, and 9

Thursday, May 11th – Council Candidate Forum in Minneapolis Wards 1 and 3

Thursday, June 1st – Minneapolis Park Board At-Large Candidate Forum

Monday, June 12th – Council Candidate Forum in Minneapolis Wards 11 and 13

Tuesday, June 13th – Saint Paul Mayoral Candidate Forum

Monday, June 19th – Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate Forum


Important Dates to Make Your Voice Heard


Minneapolis ward conventions:




 Ward 1    


 Northeast Middle School

 Ward 2    


 Anne Sullivan Communication Center

 Ward 3    


 De La Salle High School

 Ward 4


 Lucy Craft Laney Community School

 Ward 5


 North High School

 Ward 6


 St Mary’s University Center

 Ward 7


 Anwatin Middle School

 Ward 8


 Sabathani Community Center

 Ward 9    


 South High School

 Ward 10


 Whittier Recreation Center

 Ward 11


 Washburn High School

 Ward 12


 Roosevelt High School

 Ward 13


 Anthony Middle School

The Minneapolis DFL city convention is Saturday, July 8th at 10 a.m. at the Minneapolis Convention Center.



St. Paul ward conventions as follows:

Saturday, April 22– Ward 1 Caucus and Ward Convention
Location: Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented Magnet
Registration Opens: 9 AM
Start:10 AM
Translation available in: Hmong

Saturday, April 22– Ward 5 Caucus and Ward Convention
Location: Wellstone Elementary
Registration Opens: 8AM
Start: 9AM
Translation available in: Hmong 

Sunday, April 23– Ward 2 Caucus and Ward Convention
Location: Humboldt High School
Registration Opens: 11:30AM
Start: 12:30PM

Saturday April 29– Ward 4 Caucus and Ward Convention
Location: Murray Middle School
Registration Opens: 9AM
Start: 9:30AM

Saturday, April 29– Ward 6 Caucus and Convention
Location: Johnson Senior High
Registration Opens: 9 AM
Start: 10 AM
Translation available in: Hmong

Sunday, April 30– Ward 3 Caucus and Ward Convention
Location: Highland Park Middle School
Registration Opens:11:30AM
Start: 12PM

Sunday, April 30– Ward 7 Caucus and Convention
Location: Harding High School
Registration Opens: 12:30PM
Start: 1PM
Translation available in: Hmong

The Saint Paul DFL city convention is Saturday, June 17th at 9:30 a.m. at Washington Tech. Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. Translation available in Hmong.

To learn more about our 2017 elections work, contact Jaime Makepeace, Political Director: jaime@takeactionminnesota.org.

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