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  Election Day will be here before we know it and this election matters. I want to make sure you have everything you need to vote: early voting information, TakeAction Minnesota endorsed candidates, and an…

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# of hours volunteered by TakeAction Minnesota members in the 2012 election


# of voters we talked to during the 2012 elections


of Minnesotans who changed their mind on the Voter Restriction Amendment


Let’s make no bones about it: Election Day was tough for progressives across America.  But, in Minnesota, voters fought off that fierce conservative headwind that swept across the rest of the country and reelected two progressive champions – Gov. Mark Dayton and Sen. Al Franken – both of whom had won in recounts the last time round.  These statewide Souls to the Pollsvictories are the result of choices that were made years ago to build a stronger grassroots infrastructure where we needed it most.  While it’s true the loss of the State House of Representatives to conservative control is disappointing, there is much to be hopeful about.

Check out our Executive Director, Dan McGrath’s, take on the election at our blog.

Electing Leaders That Share Our Vision for Equity

Paul Wellstone believed the two most important questions of public policy are “Who Decides” and “Who Benefits.”  At TakeAction Minnesota, we take these two questions very seriously.

For our organization, Election Day isn’t the end — it’s the beginning. We work year-round on issue and electoral campaigns to make sure PEOPLE are placed at the center of all governing decisions because in a truly representative democracy, the people lead. To realize this, TakeAction Minnesota works to elect individuals to public office — local, state and federal — that share our vision for equality and justice and have the skills and abilities to make change a reality.

We recruit and train candidates who have been active in the progressive movement to bring these skills to elected office in order to shape the laws, policies and institutions that govern our state and shape the lives of our communities.  We work with them while in office, on issue campaigns, to ensure that the needs of people and communities around are state are being improved via public policy.  We hold our elected leaders accountable throughout the year to make the change that needs to be made.

Through our work, we build powerful alliances because we understand we can’t achieve our vision of Minnesota on our own. We parter with organizations, campaigns and elected officials to identify shared goals, grow our progressive voter base and shift the public conversation in order to build a mandate for change.

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Elizabeth Lienesch

Elizabeth Lienesch

Our Minnesota Future Organizing Director

Phone: 651-379-0744 Extension 1744
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