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Navigators: Keeping the Consumer Interest at Heart

Navigators: Keeping the Consumer Interest at Heart

    As the Health Care Program Coordinator at TakeAction Minnesota, I work with Navigators to learn about the realities of people’s health insurance needs and options, to assist in improving the enrollment process, and to…

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Taking Stock of Session

We can change who benefits in our economy when we change who decides in our democracy.  It is because we believe in this simple idea that we as members of TakeAction Minnesota spend so much…

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Minnesotans expected to get new or better health coverage through MNsure by 2016


of uninsured Minnesotans are people of color, even though people of color make up 13% of the population


Minnesotans will gain access to Medical Assistance in 2014


Our country is in the middle of the biggest healthcare expansion since the creation of Medicaid and Medicare. Call it the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, MNsure…it adds up to better health care for millions more Americans, including 300,000 previously uninsured Minnesotans who will now have coverage and many more who will now have better access to the care they need. See some of these stories here.

Want to figure out what you might qualify for on MNsure this year? Check out our eligibility chart.

People at the Center of Health


TakeAction Minnesota members are working in communities around our state to educate people about new ways to find health coverage, connect them to resources that can help them get care, and invite them to join our growing movement to put people, not profits, at the center of our health care system.


Towards Health Care for All

TakeAction Minnesota’s Together for Health campaign is dedicated to achieving comprehensive health care that is publicly governed and accessible for everyone in our state.  We do this by organizing communities at the grassroots.

We believe that:

  • comprehensive, affordable health care for everyone in Minnesota is necessary and achievable

  • our health care system should be designed to promote health, and not just treat disease

  • the elimination of deep and persistent racial inequalities is necessary to achieve health and justice in our state

  • our health care system should be governed by and accountable to the people of Minnesota

We help Minnesotans build the power they need to make real changes in our health care system. That’s how we removed unfair barriers to MNCare and got coverage for 20,000 more kids. It’s how we helped save General Assistance Medical Care and won better benefits, more stable coverage, and billions in federal health care funding for 100,000 Minnesotans. It’s how we won $30 million dollars for the state of Minnesota from UCare and real reforms in how the state does business with HMOs for our public health programs, and it’s how we kept Minnesota’s new health insurance marketplace, MNsure, independent of insurance companies.

With the Affordable Care Act of 2010, for the first time the United States made commitment that health care should be affordable for all. Minnesota is making the most of the Affordable Care Act by expanding Medicaid and MinnesotaCare and creating MNsure, a marketplace for public and private insurance with new levels of public oversight and financial assistance. At TakeAction Minnesota we are committed to build on this momentum and win a universal health care system for our state in the coming years.

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Liz Doyle

Liz Doyle

Associate Director

Phone: 651.379.0745
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Sarah Greenfield

Sarah Greenfield

Health Care Program Manager

Phone: 651.379.0751
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Amanda Otero

Amanda Otero

Health Care Organizer

Phone: 651.379.0754
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