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We’re all wondering what will happen. To ourselves, friends, families. To our jobs, healthcare, finances. To our society, state, country. It’s more than okay to say, “I don’t know.” In fact, that’s been the answer…

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This week the Justice 4 All Program went back to work calling Formally Incarcerated and Convicted Minnesotans. We completed over 7,000 dials and have built a statewide list of eligible voters who have been through…

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more likely an African American Minnesota is pulled into the criminal justice system than a European American, despite committing crimes at the same rate


rate of recidivism in Minnesota. Lack of employment is often cited as a reason people return to criminal behavior


the African American unemployment rate, 5x the rate for European Americans


TakeAction Minnesota’s Justice 4 All (J4A) campaign is focused on removing barriers to employment and Democracy for individuals and families impacted by the just system. We develop leaders from the community to educate policymakers and employers about the reasons we have some of the worst racial disparities in unemployment and voting in the country.

Fighting in the election for our kidsWe are looking for people who know what it means to be #LockedUpLockedOut. Family members, and neighbors who have been rejected by employers and turned away at voting polls because of sanctions called for by the Justice System. Ready to join the fight? Get in touch today, we’d love to sit down with you.



We are fighting for a Minnesota where everyone has fair access to quality employment and democracy. One in five Minnesotans has spent time in the Justice System. With over 1,000,000 people in our State with criminal records, it is time to challenge our system and employers to remove barriers to employment and democracy that disenfranchise our family members, neighbors and loved ones.

The Justice 4 All campaign pays particular attention to the needs of under-resourced communities of color disproportionately impacted by the Justice System. We aim to develop leaders from these communities to lead a statewide fight that gives every Minnesotan a fair shot at a job and the chance to have their vote counted.

We are calling on Minnesota’s business community to partner with families impacted by the justice system to create opportunities. The business community can take an active role in increasing employment equity, wealth and stability in under-resourced communities.

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Tommy Franklin

Tommy Franklin

Justice 4 All Organizer

Phone: 651.379.0764
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Justin Terrell

Justin Terrell

Justice 4 All Program Manager

Phone: 651.379.0741
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