Our Work

At TakeAction Minnesota, people come together to change the way our state works for regular Minnesotans — turning someone’s individual desire for change into broad public action that makes change happen where it wasn’t possible before. Take a look at our campaigns, and start making the impossible happen with us today.

Work and Wealth


Our economy is broken, and wealth inequality is widening.  From making sure people are paid a wage that lets them support their families to asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share in taxes, we’re working to build an equitable economy that works for Minnesotans and the communities we live in.  Join us.

Criminal Justice Reform

IMG_1284TakeAction Minnesota’s Justice 4 All campaign is fighting to change our criminal justice system. We aim to move the system from focusing on crime, prison and punishment to rehabilitation, civic engagement and reintegration. We believe everyone can change and that our communities are safer when people have real opportunities to heal and be restored to community. Join us.


HealthWe’re coming Together for Health, to win comprehensive health care.  We can make access to health care a right and a reality for all Minnesotans and put people, not profits, at the center of our state’s health care decisions–but we can’t do it without you. Join us.


Democracy & Voting Rights

Vote No on Voter Restriction

Across the country, our Democracy is under attack, but here at TakeAction Minnesota we’re working to restore voting rights to the 48,000 Minnesotans on probation or parole to back up our state’s history of robust and fair-minded democratic participation. Join us.



We see electoral politics as a critical arena to advance progressive values. In our political work, we strive not only to win elections, but to build a mandate for social, racial, and economic justice. Join us.

Women’s Economic Justice


Minnesota women of color, indigenous women, and white women are too often forced into an impossible balancing act. Take care of the kids. Succeed at work. Overcome structurally racist barriers. Lead in our communities. We’re fighting to make Minnesota work for women and their families. Join us.

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