At TakeAction Minnesota, we believe training is a tool to win the campaigns that make people’s lives better.

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We do trainings to help you organize your community


One-to-One Visits
The most elemental building block of every social movement is the relationship between individuals. This training will give you the tools for building effective relationships in your public life.

Powerful Invitations
How do we ask people to do things in a powerful way? This training unpacks how to invite people into significant roles based on their self-interest.

Power and Self-Interest
This training dives deeply into the key organizing concepts of power and self-interest, uncovering the myths we are taught about what it means to be powerful and what self-interest means, and lifting up new ways to think about these concepts.

We do trainings to help you win campaigns

Direct Action
From sit-ins to flash mobs, boycotts to hunger strikes, Direct Action is a powerful organizing tool that has been successfully used in history’s greatest social movements. This training will help prepare yourself and your organization for effective and successful direct actions as part of strategic campaigns.

Organizing and running a door knock or phone bank
Winning campaigns requires having meaningful conversations with people. Door knocks and phone banks are a critical way to reach out to people, whether they’re to talk about a candidate or an issue. This training gives you tools to recruit for and run a successful outreach event.

Progressive Communications
Come and learn the skills you need to be effective communicators for the progressive movement. Learn how to shape a message that reflects your true values; get help with writing effective blogs, letters to the editor, tweets, and facebook posts; and practice being a powerful spokesperson for the progressive movement.

We do trainings to help you shift the debate

Telling Our Story
This training looks at who and what has shaped the current dominant story about the society we live in and how that story impacts our work for justice.

Issue-Based Trainings
We have staff with expertise in specific issues that we train on, including health care reform, building a new economy, and reforming the criminal justice system.

Community Conversation

Please check out our events calendar for information on upcoming trainings. 


And we don’t do it alone.

TakeAction owes a debt of gratitude to many others in the progressive movement. Our curriculum is based on the very good organizing and training work of these organizations, among others:


  • Voices for Racial Justice

  • The Applied Research Center

  • The Grassroots Policy Project

  • Wellstone Action

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