What’s your plan for the next 100 days?

  annual meeting

100 days ago, when the reality set in that Donald Trump is our president, I was shaken, as were all of us at TakeAction Minnesota.  We knew then that we will face years of uncertainty and fear.  While it was obvious that we needed to resist, we also wanted to remember what we believe – to hang onto our values, hopes and dreams.

This weekend marked the 100th day of the BelieveResist campaign—a grand experiment in creative resistance. We launched BelieveResist to help all of us act, think, and do politics differently. We reflected on what you—and all of us—need to keep up the fight, and keep believing. I hope we delivered for you, because you blew me away.

Since January, Minnesotans in 85 out of 87 counties joined us! You’ve made it clear: the fight for justice and equity will continue, no matter who is President. Together, with tens of thousands across the country, we saved Affordable Care Act and defeated TrumpCare. We rallied against the #MuslimBan. At our State Capitol, we’re holding the line against preemption, bills that will only further pollute our planet, and we’re protecting MinnesotaCare. Thank you. 

Here’s what we launched during the 100 days of BelieveResist and how you can keep it going.


Acting with usTakeAction Minnesota Action Alert

Tens of thousands of you joined us as BelieveResist activists. Nearly 1,000 people attended our annual meeting in six locations across the state. You believed and resisted in rallies, marches, art shows, and concerts. You called, emailed, and met with your state legislators and more. Check-out the latest BelieveResist action alert.

Making-Meaning of a New Era

We posted 100 history stories on our Facebook page that reminded us of the long history of resistance across the globe, and thousands of you shared them. We shared 10 long essays to face challenging topics in new ways—immigration, race, fascism, patriarchy, and more. Read our latest, “A stateless people,” by Cindy Yang.

Thinking and Dreaming Together

This week in action

Our weekly news digest shares what our staff is reading. A big part of what’s helping inform how we dream, scheme, and build together. We’ve sent you hundreds of articles and you sent us what you were reading too. Thank you for thinking, and dreaming with us. Here’s our latest digest.

Now, I challenge you. We are 100 days in, and only getting started. Together, we need to build, organize, and grow like never before. Our future depends on it.

You can help right now by giving $10 per month, or $100 today to keep this work going. We can’t do it without you.

Be a part of our resistance as we act on our values, tell our stories, stand up to any injustice or hurt we see, and build a movement of dogged determination and relentless love. The next phase of BelieveResist is coming soon—stay tuned.

In solidarity,


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