TakeAction Digest: THIS WEEK IN ACTION #BelieveResist

TakeAction Minnesota Weekly Wrap  

It’s Chris Conry and Arianna Genis. Last week we launched our weekly digest with you, as a part of our #BelieveResist work, and the response was fantastic. So many of you opened our email and clicked through the articles. 

 The digest is our way of sharing what we are, in some ways obsessively, reading — news, long articles, books. history, political theory —  anything we think can help us understand what’s going on and to identify what we can do.

Here’s what our staff has been reading this week, what we’re calling our key reads. Take it in and then respond to this email letting us know, what are you reading right now? What’s helping you understand this moment in our history? 

1. The Fugitive Slave Act & the President’s Executive Order on Immigration 

Ready to dig into some serious history? Read this comparison of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 galvanized abolitionist movement to the mass protests and strong opposition that accompanied President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

2. Wondering what the GOP Congress has in mind when they talk about replacing the Affordable Care Act? 

Here’s a good rundown on their ideas and the current debate within the party. Spoiler: none of these ideas are good. They don’t provide real, affordable health care coverage — they’re about profit, not people.  

3. Who is Steve Bannon? 

Read this and you will begin to answer the question. It contains a profile of another Bannon-ite hire in the Trump administration. Michael Anton went from anonymous online intellectual to the staff of the National Security Council with remarkable speed.

4. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will grant the final easement needed to finish the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

The controversial line, a clear attack on the water resources of Native American tribes, had been delayed for several months after protests from Native American tribes and climate justice activists. The $3.8 billion line, which is being built by Energy Transfer Partners (ETP.N), needed a final permit to drill under Lake Oahe, a body of water that flows into the Missouri River. Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved in the fight to protect our water and native treaty rights! #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

5. When we leverage our collective dollars and direct action – we can bring giant corporations to heel.

Read how coalitions of students of color in California are leading efforts to have the University of California system divest from Wells Fargo. Once again, we see students leading the way in the resistance movement. 

6. Nevertheless, #shepersisted – Coretta Scott King

Hard to believe but it’s true, Jeff Session is now Attorney General. The fight continues. Here to ground us is a bold letter written by Coretta Scott King, Civil Rights leader and wife of Martin Luther King Jr, where she warned us, decades ago, on the strategy and violence led by Jeff Sessions to block the right to vote for Black Americans. In this time, let us revisit the wisdom and advice of this powerful leader. We won’t let them erase this history. 

7. Statewide preemption: The most dangerous bill you’ve never heard of

Statewide preemption is a corporte interest bill designed to strip local governments of their authority to improve state or federal workplace standards. It’s a reaction to the over 150,000 Minnesotans who’re due to start receiving earned sick and safe time, a paid benefit that would allow them to take time off when sick or dealing with domestic violence. It’s a repeated strategy that’s Chris Conry highlights, reaks of the Jim Crow system. Read it here. 

8. Feminism.Always: An overview of MN policies affecting women and policies 

This newsletter is a publication from the Legislative Office on the Economic Status of Women for Minnesota.  It gives a great overview of legislation currently moving through the MN house & senate that will have a direct impact on women and their families.  It’s a wonderful way to see opportunities for legislation to advocate for or against with your elected officials.

That’s what we have for you this week. Happy Friday. 

— Chris Conry and Arianna Genis


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