Leaders Like Londel

This is Co-Governing

When I’m on the doors, I hear a lot of people who don’t believe their voices have a place in our political process. This is wrong. Our government, and our economy, should be by us and for us. This election season, we have the opportunity to do politics differently. But we can’t do it without you. 

Amity Foster, Political Committee Co-Chair and Londel French, candidate for Minneapolis Park Board

This is Amity Foster, the co-chair of our Political Committee, and Londel French, a candidate running for Minneapolis Park Board. This is co-governing: grassroots leaders from Justice 4 All running for office—and winning—to work with the community to carry out the vision and values we share.  

Co-governing happens when people from our base—leaders like Londel —play big, to represent our community, while building authentic relationships with people in the community. This is how we go beyond, and do politics differently.  

Leaders like Londel French remind me what progressive politics can be, and what we can do together. We can’t do it without you. Election Day is just around the corner. Take a few minutes to visit our website, and find out which progressive candidates TakeAction Minnesota endorsed in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Duluth. Make the decision now to vote early. All the information you need for early voting is available here: www.takeactionminnesota.org/voteearly

Progressive leaders like Londel French need you to show up. Every vote matters, and every voice matters. See you on the doors. 

In solidarity, 

Jaime Makepeace

Political Director

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