Believe Resist! TakeAction’s 2017 Statewide Annual Meeting

We know that now is a moment when we’re facing unprecedented challenges and deeply dangerous and damaging policies and language. But it’s also a moment when we’re seeing incredible resistance, love, and hope. Now more than ever is a time to come together to stand up for the state we believe in – a Minnesota where each and every person is able to live in joy – lives that are fulfilling, stable, creative, and happy.

It is in this moment that TakeAction Minnesota is inviting you to join a Believe Resist 2017 Annual Meeting. Join TakeAction and many partners at a meeting on March 18th from 10am to 1pm in Duluth, Grand Rapids, St. Cloud, Willmar, Northfield, or St. Paul. These meetings are a way to be with others who are trying to make meaning of this moment, who are resisting, who are hopeful, and who are ready to fight for a Minnesota and a country where love, joy, and justice prevail.

Meetings are free, food will be provided, and all are kid-friendly. They will include:

  • Meeting and connecting with neighbors and folks from other organizations who want to work for a more just and equitable Minnesota.
  • Trainings to learn more about the work of TakeAction and our partners — learn more about the current and urgent work on healthcare, criminal justice reform, economic justice, climate justice, and the future of caregiving, and skills for resisting and building the world we want to see.
  • A virtual visit from Heather McGee, president of Demos, a public policy organization working for an America where we all have an equal say in our democracy and an equal chance in our economy.
  • Ways to plug into local work for quality healthcare, higher wages, a sustainable future, electing progressives to office and much more!
  • The election of TakeAction’s board of directors. All dues paying members will be asked to vote on a slate of candidates to serve on our board of directors. Click here to become a dues-paying member. If you’re interested in running for TakeAction’s board, email

Register here for the meeting that works best for you:

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