5 Scary Things That Happen When You Don’t Vote…

On this Halloween, only four days away from a major election, there are a few things I am pretty darn scared for in our state if every eligible voter in our state DOESN’T get out to the polls by 8pm on November 4th.

Here they are:

1. We will continue to have the worst-in-the-nation voting gap between voters of color and white voters. We will not hear the voices, demands, and needs from people of color. Our votes = our representation. No vote. No representation.

For my kids

2. More of us losing our voting rights. Right now, people living in our community who have served their time but are still on probation/parole do not have the right to vote. If we don’t vote, that will just be the beginning of silencing as many voices in our community as possible.

3. Our kids’ future. Our votes determine what kind of laws and policies we are able to create to make our lives and our future better. Future generations are relying on me and you to vote for them.

4. Our countries prisons have become something someone can profit on. The same people who build those prisons, locking people in our community up and out, are the same ones who rely on progressives like me and you to NOT vote, so they can build more prisons and profit more off of our communities.

5. Going backward on all the change together we have been able to make. From the Freedom to Marry, to expanded Healthcare for Minnesotans, to a more livable minimum wage, to barriers removed for people with criminal records to jobs so they can rebuild their lives. These changes in everyday people’s lives are in danger of going away if we don’t vote and make it clear we want these changes to grow, and even more so, we are ready for more change.

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See you at the polls!


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