Jacob Frey wins mayor election in Minneapolis

“Jacob Frey soundly defeated Mayor Betsy Hodges and 14 other candidates Tuesday after presenting himself as a mayor who will be visible, willing to compromise and relentlessly enthusiastic about the city.

A 36-year-old native of Virginia who was drawn to Minneapolis after running a marathon here, Frey is a lawyer and first-term City Council member representing parts of downtown and northeast Minneapolis.


“For Betsy, what we saw in this race was challenges from the left and challenges from the right,” McGrath said. “She was pinched between the two.”

McGrath said Frey found a way during the campaign to hold together “disparate constituencies,” such as downtown business and people in neighborhoods, while projecting a persona that’s palatable to some progressives. But holding that coalition together will be more difficult in office, as Hodges well knows, McGrath said.

“How does he now govern with those disparate constituencies expecting different things?” McGrath said.”  Read the article here

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